Robyn Orlin

Robyn Orlin (born 1955) is a South African dancer and choreographer, born in Johannesburg.

Nicknamed in South Africa “a permanent irritation”, she is well known for reflecting the difficult and complex realities in her country. Integrating different media (text, video, visual arts), she investigates a certain theatrical reality which has enabled her to find her unique choreographic vocabulary.

She recently invited Kulturstruktur to her home in Berlin. It was a great honour to talk to her about her carrier, she explained in a humble way her process of working, her ideas and her engagement. It seems obvious that all this is related to a specific social sensibility and honesty.

She is a great woman, working in a respectful relation with dancers and their contexts.

Her last piece At the same time we were pointing a finger at you, we realized we were pointing three at ourselves … is a creation from 2014 with JANT-BI company and Germaine Acogny.

It will be performed on the 1st and 2nd April at Grand Theatre de la Ville de Luxembourg.

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