Studio Formafantasma (Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin) established in the Netherlands – the duo has created a coherent body of work experimenting material through which they explore cultural, environmental and political issues. They have adopted a critical approach to sustainability and consider objects more as cultural canals. And they perceive the process as much important as the result – the product itself. We talked with them about how they perceive their work but also the context in which they work.Read more

Amandine Truffy & Bertrand Sinapi / Pardès rimonim

La compagnie de théâtre Pardès rimonim est fondée en 2005 autour de Bertrand Sinapi, auteur et metteur en scène formé à la Sorbonne nouvelle, et d’Amandine Truffy, dramaturge et comédienne diplômée du CNSAD de Paris. Issue à son origine du théâtre universitaire de Metz, elle est centrée sur les écritures contemporaines. Leurs travaux ont pour sources des matières qui ne sont pas exclusivement théâtrales, mais aussi littéraires, musicales, plastiques, cinématographiques, voire documentaires. Les créations théâtrales de la compagnie sont autantRead more

Arnaud des Pallières & Christelle Berthevas

Interview with Arnaud des Pallières (writer, director) and Christelle Bertheves (writer) about their latest movie Orpheline. The interview was made in March 2017 during the Luxembourg City Film Festival. Arnaud des Pallières est un réalisateur et scénariste français, né le 1er décembre 1961 à Paris. Il navigue entre théâtre et cinéma au debut pour aboutir dans la réalisation, l’écriture mais aussi le montage de films. Parmi ses films notables, on trouve Michael Kohlhaas, d’après Heinrich von Kleist, avec Mads Mikkelsen,Read more

Allan Starski

Allan Starski is a Polish production designer and art director, born on January 1, 1943 in Warsaw. For nearly 40 years, he invented or reconstructed nonexistent worlds for the most famous directors of film and theatre.Read more

Bert Theis

Bert Theis is a visual artist, he was born in 1952, lives and works in Milan. He has represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale in 1995, where he installed the Potemkin Lock Pavilion among the other pavilions in the Giardini.Read more

Silvia Costa

Last February, Kulturstruktur had the chance to meet with Silvia Costa again. She is the artistic collaborator of Romeo Castellucci, but proposes more and more the results of her own research, sharp and precise creations.Read more

Robyn Orlin

Robyn Orlin (born 1955) is a South African dancer and choreographer, born in Johannesburg. Nicknamed in South Africa “a permanent irritation”, she is well known for reflecting the difficult and complex realities in her country.Read more