Phèdre(s) par Krzysztof Warlikowski, Grand Théâtre de la ville de Luxembourg.

Hier et aujourd’hui, au Grand Théâtre de la ville de Luxembourg passe ‘Phèdre(s)’, pièce créée il y a un an et mise en scène par Krzysztof Warlikowski, autour d’Isabelle Huppert – magnifique et puissante et sans cesse sans âge, mais aussi avec Agata Buzek, Andrzej Chyra, Alex Descas, Gaël Kamilindi, Norah Krief, Grégoire Léauté et l’incroyable Rosalba Torres Guerrero. Cette danseuse qui oscille entre bestialité et douceur, entre masculin et féminin, entre Eros et Pathos, nous livre une performance d’uneRead more

Allan Starski

Allan Starski is a Polish production designer and art director, born on January 1, 1943 in Warsaw. For nearly 40 years, he invented or reconstructed nonexistent worlds for the most famous directors of film and theatre.Read more

Bert Theis: Isola Utopia

Isola Utopia “Only in us does this light still burn, and we are beginning a fantastic journey toward it, toward the implementation of the central concept of utopia. To find it, to find the right thing, for which it is worthy to live, to be organized, and to have time:Read more

Bert Theis

Bert Theis is a visual artist, he was born in 1952, lives and works in Milan. He has represented Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale in 1995, where he installed the Potemkin Lock Pavilion among the other pavilions in the Giardini.Read more

Silvia Costa

Last February, Kulturstruktur had the chance to meet with Silvia Costa again. She is the artistic collaborator of Romeo Castellucci, but proposes more and more the results of her own research, sharp and precise creations.Read more

Robyn Orlin

Robyn Orlin (born 1955) is a South African dancer and choreographer, born in Johannesburg. Nicknamed in South Africa “a permanent irritation”, she is well known for reflecting the difficult and complex realities in her country.Read more